Zayed Centre for Heritage & History

2nd Annual Symposium on Recent Archaeological Work in the Emirates

Le Mercure Hotel, Jebel Hafit, Al Ain

Wednesday 7th - Thursday 8th April 2004


Wednesday 7th April

16.30 - 17.30: Registration of Participants

17.30 - 19.15: FIRST SESSION
Chairman: Peter Hellyer, Abu Dhabi Islands Archaeological Survey

17.30: Opening Remarks
Dr. Hassan Naboodah,
Director, Zayed Centre for Heritage and History

17.45: Dr. Heiko Kallweit (ADIAS & Freiburg), Dr. Mark Beech (ADIAS) and Dr. Walid Yasin Al-Tikriti (Department of Antiquities and Tourism, Al Ain)
Neolithic occupation in the southeastern region of the United Arab Emirates

18.15: Dr. Mark Beech, (ADIAS), Richard Cuttler (Birmingham University), Derek Moscrop (Birmingham University), Dr. Heiko Kallweit (ADIAS & Freiburg) and John Martin (ADIAS)
New results from excavations of a Neolithic settlement on Marawah island, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

18.45: Professor Hans-Peter Uerpmann, Dr. Margret Uerpmann and Marc Haendel (University of Tubingen)
Neolithic use of space and environment at Jebel al-Buhais

19.15: End of Session

19.30: Buffet Dinner

Thursday 8th April

09.30 - 11.00 SECOND SESSION
Chairman: Dr. Geoffrey King (SOAS, University of London)

09.30: Dr. Claudia Gruber (University of Munich)
Latest results from Al-Sufouh-2, Dubai

10.00: Dr. Sabah Jasim (Sharjah Directorate of Antiquities)
Stamp seals from Jebel Buhais

10.30: Christian Velde, (National Museum of Ra's al-Khaimah)
Wadi Sur -a large fortification in Ras' al-Khaimah

11.00 Coffee Break

11.30 - 13.15 THIRD SESSION
Chairman: Christian Velde (National Museum of Ra's al-Khaimah)

11.30: Dr. Michele Ziolkowski and Abdullah bin Suhail al-Sharqi (Fujairah)
Fujairah Fort and its Associated Settlement

12.00: Dr. Geoffrey King (SOAS, University of London)
Mosques of the Islands of Abu Dhabi

12.30: Ahmed Hilal (National Museum of Ra's al-Khaimah)
Survey of Traditional Houses in Ra's al-Khaimah

13.00: Closing remarks by Dr. Hassan Naboodah

13.30 Buffet Lunch

End of Symposium