Kihal site

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Adapted from 1:100,000, Sheet NG-39-168, 1988, United Arab Emirates

The southern Kihal site, K1 (N 24 07' 23.2" E 53 00' 27.9"), can be seen from the main Abu Dhabi road and is approached by a track (green dashes on above map) that leads from the main northwesterly track to Thumayriyah. This track passes through an abandoned quarry, continues to the western side of Kihal from where a another track continues to Ras al Qa'la (Ras al Qila' on the 1988 map) with a branch returning to Kihal itself. The main fossil bearing sediments are those to the east of a large, flat-topped jebel, site K2 is merely 43 metres in height (N 24 06' 59.5" E 53 01' 07.7"), on top of which is a UAE Trignometrical station G 123c. In 1998 the track to Kihal from Thumayriyah had been blocked to vehicles by a new berm making access to Ras al Qa'la also impossible. Palaeosol horizons were noted at the Kihal locality (Kingston, 1999) and it is the only site from which soricid rodents have been found (de Bruijn, 1999; de Bruijn and Whybrow, 1994).

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