Western Region, Abu Dhabi. Miocene stratigraphy and age


Thumayriyah site. Shuwaihat Formation sea cliffs and fossiliferous Baynunah Formation at shrubby ground above.

Dam Formation

A small outcrop near As Sila on the eastern flank of the Qatar arch (Whybrow et al., 1999). In eastern Saudi Arabia and Qatar the shallow water marine Dam Formation is believed to be of middle Miocene age, 19Ma - 16Ma (Adams et al., 1983, 1999).

Shuwaihat Formation

Outcrops at As Sila, Jebel Barakah, Jazirat Shuwaihat where the type section is located (Bristow, 1999), Ras al Qa'la, Ras Dubay'ah and Thumayriyah. Continental clastics of mainly aeolian and sabkha environments (Bristow, 1999), probably, in parts, coeval with the Hofuf Formation of eastern Saudi Arabia. An interpolated age, based on palaeomagnetic pole positions, is 15Ma +/- 3Ma, middle Miocene (Hailwood & Whybrow, 1999).

Baynunah Formation

Outcrops along the coast from Jebel Barakah in the west to Tarif in the east; fossiliferous fluvial sediments (Friend, 1999; Whybrow et al., 1999). Comparison of certain vertebrate taxa with similar taxa found mainly in North Africa and southwestern Asia suggest a date of 8Ma - 6Ma, late Miocene. An interpolated age, based on palaeomagnetic pole positions, is 6Ma +/- 3Ma, late Miocene (Hailwood & Whybrow, 1999).

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