The place where Tragoportax cyrenaicus was found is the cave-like excavation at the foot of the road cut. The Tarif-Habshan road is to the left.

At Tarif there is only one fossil site, T2 (N 23° 56' 57.4", E 53° 41' 32.8"), from which the partial skull of Tragoportax cyrenaicus (Gentry, 1999b) was discovered by staff of the United States Geological Survey. Site T1 (N 23° 57' 12.3", E 53° 41' 21.2") is a UAE trignometrical station G 138 and site T3 (N 23° 57' 13.1", E 53° 41' 21.4") is a survey point.


Horn cores and partial skull of Tragoportax cyrenaicus

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