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Location of Ghagha (Source: ADIAS)
Location of Ghagha (Source: ADIAS)

Ghagha is one of Abu Dhabi's westernmost islands. It is located northwest of Ras Ghumays, the westernmost promontory in the Sila peninsulae. ADIAS visited the island between 1993 and 1995, when some 20 archaeological sites were identified. These ranged in date from a Neolithic site with stone tools belonging to the Arabian bifacial tradition; to a site with 'red-ridged ware' pottery, probably originating from Bahrain, dating to c. 2000-1700 BC; to several sites with late pre-Islamic pottery dating to the first-fourth centuries AD, which is comparable to material from al-Dur and Mileiha. Some sites also had traces of occupation dating to the last few centuries. Both local and Chinese pottery similar to that found at Julfar in the northern Emirates was also recovered.


Ghagha (Source: A Walk Through Time -



23 May 1999 - Trade links with Iraq go back to 7,000 years (Source:


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