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Location of Rumaitha (Source: ADIAS)

Location of Rumaitha (Source: ADIAS)
ADIAS team and wives of former ADCO GM's visit the Rumaitha RM-7 Late Miocene fossil site - from left to right: Simon Aspinall, Caroline Adams, Mrs. Dunne, and Peter Hellyer (Photograph by Dr Mark Beech)

The important Late Miocene fossil site at Rumaitha (Site RM-7) has a sign which indicates that it is a protected area (Photograph by Dr Mark Beech)

The flint "dagger" from Rumaitha (Photograph by Dr Mark Beech)
Simon Aspinall shows some newly discovered fossil specimens at Rumaitha Site RM-7 to Caroline Adams, Mrs Dunne and Peter Hellyer (Photograph by Dr Mark Beech)
The earliest archaeology in the Rumaitha area is represented by this fine Neolithic period flint "dagger" (Photograph by Dr Mark Beech)


Fossil antelope from Rumaitha. (Source: ADIAS Newsletter February 2002).


Kallweit, H. and P. Hellyer. 2003. A flint 'dagger' from Rumaitha, Emirate of Abu Dhabi, UAE. Arabian Archaeology & Epigraphy 14 (1), 1-7.