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Thoughts on Underwater Archaeology

A Lecture presented by:

Dr Mark Beech

Senior Resident Archaeologist
Abu Dhabi Islands Archaeological Survey (ADIAS)
P.O. Box 45553
Abu Dhabi, UAE
Tel: (02) 6934515 or 6934531
Fax: (02) 6810008

Location: ADMA OPCO's Auditorium (located in ADMA's Head Quarter Building on the Corniche, 1st floor, Abu Dhabi)

Date: Sunday 19th December 2004 Time: 8pm-9:30pm




Arab Seafaring
by George F. Hourani. Paperback: 140 pages. Publisher: Princeton University Press; Rev & Expand edition
(July 3, 1995). ISBN: 0691000328

Archaeology and the Social History of Ships
by Richard A. Gould. Paperback: 374 pages. Publisher: Cambridge University Press (April 13, 2000)
ISBN: 0521567890

Archaeology Underwater - The NAS Guide to Principles and Practice.
edited by Martin Dean, Ben Ferrari, Ian Oxley, Mark Redknapp and Kit Watson (editors) The Nautical Archaeology Society. Dorset, England: Henry Ling Ltd. 1992. Paperback, £25.00. ISBN: 1873132255
This book is a good practical guide to excavating underwater.

Encyclopedia of Underwater and Maritime Archaeology
by James P. Delgado. Hardcover: 493 pages. Publisher: Yale University Press (March 1, 1998)
ISBN: 0300074271

Guidelines on Acceptable Standards in Underwater Archaeology
By Martin Dean (Archaeological Diving Unit Scottish Institute of Maritime Studies, University of St
Andrews). Published 1988 by: The Scottish Maritime Studies Development Association
For The Scottish Institute of Maritime Studies, University of St Andrews, Fife KY16 9AJ
in collaboration with: The Secretary of State for Transport's Advisory Committee on Historic Wreck Sites
and with the support of The Institute of Field Archaeologists. 49 pages. ISBN 1-871170-00-1.
Download online at:

International Handbook of Underwater Archaeology (Plenum Series in Underwater Archaeology)
by Carol V. Ruppe and Jan Barstad. Hardcover: 894 pages. Publisher: Kluwer Academic/Plenum Publishers (September 1, 2002). ISBN: 0306463458

Maritime Archaeology : A Technical Handbook
by Jeremy Green. Hardcover: 470 pages. Publisher: Academic Press; 2 edition (May 19, 2004).
ISBN: 0122986326


BBC Marine Archaeology

Charter on the Protection and Management of Underwater Cultural Heritage (1996)
(ratified by the 11th ICOMOS General Assembly, held in Sofia, Bulgaria, from 5-9 October 1996)
ICOMOS is an international non-governmental organization of professionals, dedicated to the conservation of the world's historic monuments and sites.

Marine Archaeology Links

Maritime and Maritime Underwater Nautical Archaeology Bibliography

Publications of the Institute of Nautical Archaeology

The Marine Archaeological Resource (UK) (pdf file)


Master's degree in maritime history and nautical archaeology with the option of pursuing a Ph.D. in Coastal Resources Management - East Carolina University, USA

Florida State University Research in Underwater Archaeology

MA/MSc in Maritime Archaeology, University of Southampton, UK

MA in Maritime Archaeology and History, University of Bristol, UK

Underwater Resources Management Certificate Program, Indiana University, USA


British Archaeological Jobs Resource

Underwater Archaeology and Maritime History Jobs


An ancient harbour at Dwarka: Study based on the recent underwater explorations
By: A. S. Gaur, Sundaresh and Sila Tripati
(pdf file)
(National Institute of Oceanography, Done Paula Goa 403 004, India)

Princes Royal - Excavation of ancient shipwreck in the Arabian Sea
By: Alok Tripathi
(pdf file)
(Underwater Archaeology Wing, Archaeological Survey of India, Janpath, New Delhi 110 011, India)

Galle Project, Sri Lanka

Linguist helps to decode the trade secrets of Oman's ancient mariners
Report about the 19 Indo-Arabian stone anchors found at Qalhat, Oman.

Maritime Lanka: maritime archaeology & history of Sri Lanka

Norwegian Marine Archaeological Mission
Oslo University has carried out some underwater excavations on the coastline of Sharjah. It is briefly mentioned on this web page:

Sri Lanka Maritime Archaeological Unit Report on the Avondster Project 2001 - 2002
Edited by Robert Parthesius, Karen Millar, Somasiri Devendra & Jeremy Green
(pdf file)
2003. Amsterdams Historisch Museum, The Netherlands 2003. The Mutual Heritage Centre, Sri Lanka 2003. 96 pages. ISBN 90-71361-08-X

Stone anchors, incl. Arab-Indian stone anchors

Survey in Bahrain 1993 - Sept-Nov 1993
by Ralph K. Pedersen
, Institute of Nautical Archaeology.
Summary of a short underwater archaeological survey in Bahraini waters.

Tromelin - L'Utile 1761 - Esclaves oubliés
Underwater archaeological research on a slave ship that sank off Tromelin Island, abandoning its cargo of slaves from Madagascar there. The programme, implemented by the French Marine Archaeology Group (GRAN) with UNESCO support, was inspired by the wreck of the slave ship l'Utile off the shores of the Tromelin Island in the Indian Ocean in 1761. The programme is part of the International Year for the Commemoration of the Struggle Against Slavery and its Abolition (2004), and of UNESCO's Slave Route Programme.


American Academy of Underwater Sciences

Anglo-Danish Maritime Archaeological Team

Australasian Institute of Maritime Archaeology

Bodrum Museum of Underwater Archaeology (Turkey)

Centre for Maritime Archaeology (University of Southampton, UK)

Centre for Maritime Archaeology (University of Ulster, Northern Ireland)

Institute of Nautical Archaeology (Texas A&M University, USA)

Marine Archaeological Research & Conservation, Inc.

Maritime Archaeological and Historical Society (MAHS)

Society for Underwater Technology

Western Australian Maritime Museum

Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution