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ADIAS Press releases and Press coverage - 2001

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21 January 2001

Unique fossils found in Abu Dhabi (Source:

23 February 2001

President's role in environmental strategy studied (Source: Gulf News

13 April 2001

Early Abu Dhabi settlement 'was regional trade hub' (Source: Gulf News

14 April 2001

Abu Dhabi settlement 'was regional trade hub' (Source: )

Archaeological conference to span UAE's entire history (Source: Gulf News

Hidden Riches: The Fascinating Heritage of the Emirates   (Source:

Early Abu Dhabi settlement 'was regional trade hub' (Source:

15 April 2001

Hidden Riches: The Fascinating heritage of the Emirates (Source:

17 April 2001

More Research Papers Presented At UAE Archaeology Meet (Source:

String of coastal sites 'indicates Bronze Age shipping route' (Source: Gulf News)

Tracing Bronze Age Marine Trade Routes (Source:

18 April 2001

Archaeology proposed as subject in schools (Source:

27 May 2001

Abu Dhabi Archaeological Survey's new website aims to spread heritage message (Source: Gulf News)

Archaeological Survey's new website aims to spread heritage message (Source:

13 July 2001

ADIAS researcher receives Doctorate of Philosophy in Archaeology at University of York, U.K.

Dr. Mark Beech - click here for a larger version of this picture

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The degree of Doctorate of Philosophy in Archaeology was conferred upon Mark Beech in a ceremony held at the University of York, U.K.  This was presented by the Vice-Chancellor of York University, Professor Ron Cooke, BSc MSc PhD DSc FRGS.  Dr. Beech has worked for ADIAS since 1994 and is the Environmental Archaeology and IT Director of the Abu Dhabi Islands Archaeological Survey. The title of his thesis was: "In the Land of the Ichthyophagi: Modelling fish exploitation in the Arabian Gulf and Gulf of Oman from the 5th millennium BC to the Late Islamic Period". To obtain further details concerning Dr. Beech's research visit his website at:

13 August 2001

History Comes Home - With Help from Emirates

Emirates, the Dubai-based international airline, has one of the most modern fleets in the skies - yet it still takes a keen interest in the past. Average age of its aircraft is now less than three years, while in contrast a package which has flown back to the UAE from Sydney, Australia, on an Emirates 777 contained some of the earliest evidence of human settlement in the country, more than 5,000 years ago. 

Ancient artefacts and data collected during excavations on Marawah island, 120 kilometres west of Abu Dhabi, were returning to ADIAS, the Abu Dhabi Islands Archaeological Survey, which is undertaking archaeological studies of its coast and islands. 

Australian archaeologists Dr. Soren Blau of the Australian National University in Canberra, Jodie Benton, formerly of Sydney University, and Nadia Iacono and Graham Wilson, of Sydney archaeological consultancy Godden-Mackay, carried out excavations on Marawah from 1997 to 1999 under the aegis of ADIAS. They examined tombs from the early Bronze Age more than 5,000 years old,  and sent some finds to Australia for radiocarbon dating and other analysis, as the techniques required are not available in the UAE.

Now, with scientific analysis complete, the finds and detailed records of the excavations have come home safely to ADIAS via Dubai, thanks to careful handling by Emirates SkyCargo, and the results are being prepared for publication. 

Since it was established by UAE President HH Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan al Nahyan in 1992, ADIAS has received considerable help from Emirates - but this is the first time the airline has been entrusted with flying its finds half way round the globe. 

Peter Hellyer, ADIAS Executive Director, said: "Scientific analysis in Australia of these finds from Marawah has provided valuable new information on the ancient heritage of the people of the Emirates. Because of their importance, we could only entrust them to an airline with a proven record of swift, safe and efficient cargo handling. Emirates meets that requirement perfectly." 

Peter Sedgley, Emirates' General Manager Cargo Commercial Operations, said this week: "We have a solid reputation for the safe and timely delivery of sensitive shipments, so we were happy to assist ADIAS in bringing the artefacts home. Though we're young, like the UAE, we greatly cherish the country's irreplaceable historical heritage."

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